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What is The Colletctoverse?

The Collectoverse is a revolutionary series of online digital trading cards (NFTs) featuring digital NFT collections of internet personalities, celebrities, thought leaders, and influencers.

Collectoverse is driven by the community and fans, creating a vibrant ecosystem where collectors can engage, trade, and discover unique rarities and utilities still in development. The first collection release by Collectoverse will be The Stanley Digital Collectible Series. Working in conjunction with Leslie David Baker, we will launch 7,777 unique NFT digital collectibles, commemorating highlights of Leslie's time in his entertaining roles in film and entertainment.

Here's why people should be excited about Collectoverse and the new frontier it represents in blockchain and NFTs:

Authenticity and Innovation

Collectoverse is not just another NFT project mimicking what others are doing. We recognize the importance of authenticity and strive to bring innovative features to the forefront. Our brand sets itself apart by pushing the boundaries of what NFTs can offer, creating a truly unique and valuable collecting experience.

Exclusive Personalities

Collectoverse brings together exclusive personalities, celebrities, thought leaders, and influencers from various industries. By collecting their digital trading cards, fans and collectors can connect with their favorite personalities on a whole new level. It's like having a piece of their digital presence and supporting them directly.

Unique Rarities and Utilities

Each digital trading card in the Collectoverse collection is unique, featuring different rarities and utilities. These attributes make each card special and enhance the overall collecting experience. Collectors can pursue rare cards, complete sets, and unlock exclusive benefits associated with specific cards, creating a sense of excitement and achievement.

Community Governance

At Collectoverse, we believe in the power of community. We involve our collectors and fans in the governance of the brand, allowing them to have a say in important decisions, voting on new features, collaborations, and events. This collaborative approach ensures that the brand evolves with the desires and aspirations of the community, fostering a sense of ownership and engagement.

Integration with Social Media

Collectoverse embraces social media platforms to amplify the collecting experience. By integrating with platforms like Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, and Instagram, collectors can proudly display their favorite NFTs as profile pictures, share their collections, and connect with other enthusiasts. This integration enhances the visibility and accessibility of Collectoverse, creating a vibrant online community.

Real-World Utilities

Our vision for Collectoverse extends beyond the digital realm. We are actively exploring partnerships and collaborations that bring real-world utilities to our digital trading cards. Imagine redeemable perks, access to exclusive events, merchandise discounts, or even unique experiences with the personalities behind the cards. These real-world utilities add tangible value to the NFTs and deepen the connection between collectors and the brand.


Collectoverse is not just about the present; we have our eyes set on the future. We understand that the NFT landscape is evolving rapidly, and we are committed to staying at the forefront of this emerging industry. Our brand will continue to adapt and innovate, exploring new technologies and possibilities to enhance the collecting experience for our community.

With Collectoverse, we invite collectors, fans, and enthusiasts to join us on this exciting journey into the world of NFTs and blockchain. Together, we will create a vibrant and dynamic collectibles brand that revolutionizes the way we engage with exclusive personalities and digital assets.

Introducing our flagship product launch…  
"Stanley Digital Collectibles”



In today's fast-paced, disconnected and demanding world, there is a dire need for more humor, connected community, creativity, and to give back to others in need. Who better to lead this important initiative than the beloved and comedic genius, Leslie David Baker, renowned for his role as Stanley Hudson on the immensely popular TV series "The Office".

Brace yourself for an adventure filled with love and laughter as we offer out 7,777 completely unique, hand-drawn digital PFP’s that capture the iconic moments of Stanley.


Bringing Joy & laughter back to the world. We believe in the universal language of love and laughter.

This NFT collection is our reminder to never take life too serious and above all else, have fun while doing it.

No two collectibles are exactly the same!

With Stanley’s collectibles we reflect upon moments from one of the greatest comedy shows of all time. A show that brought people together and allowed us to momentarily forget our troubles during the start of the global Covid-19 pandemic and terrifying lockdowns of early 2021. Fostering laughter and a sense of connection as we held on to hope to return to normal, watching Stanley on tv, relating to the ironic and mundane dynamics of the typical American "9-5" work life.

Leslie David Baker's remarkable contributions to the world of comedy have earned him numerous recognitions and accolades. His work on "The Office" garnered widespread acclaim and a loyal fan base. Additionally, Leslie has been honored with two Screen Actors Guild Awards for his outstanding performance in the series.

Leslie David Baker continues to entertain and captivate audiences. He remains an esteemed figure in the entertainment industry, leaving a lasting impact with his comedic brilliance and dedication to his craft. Leslie can often be found among fans at Comic conventions, tv-commercials with his fellow friends and actors or offering shout outs on Cameo.

What is the Stanley project? A collection of 7,777 unique and exclusive digital artworks cemented on the blockchain, paying tribute to Leslie's unforgettable portrayal of Stanley Hudson. But these NFTs are not just ordinary collectibles or profile pictures; they are a nostalgic gateway into a connected community of like-minded individuals that enjoy humor, laughter & comedic creativity.

Proof of Humor

Owning a Stanley Digital Collectible is your proof and support of comedy and love for laughter. Stanley would relate it to having a delicious, hot, and fresh pretzel in your hands during pretzel day. With Stanley collectible cards you can collect them, trade em, or flaunt em on your social media channels to showcase your love for Stanley and all things comedy. These digital collectibles are not just for show—they secure your spot in the Stanley Ecosystem. Which will be ever-evolving and help shaped by the community, fans and connections within Hollywood.

With Leslie's Hollywood connections and entertainment expertise, the possibilities are limitless!

Laughter is a universal language that brings people together, regardless of your background or walk of life.

With Stanley Digital Collectibles, we're bringing the spirit of trading cards to the digital realm. Forget about physical cards; now you can collect and enjoy them digitally on your computer, phone, or tablet.

A time to give back

We believe small acts of kindness create a ripple effect of positive change in society.

Therefore, 5% of all net sales and proceeds from the Stanley Digital Collectibles will be donated to charities chosen by the Stanley community through various surveys and polls. Together, we can make a difference during these challenging times and use the power of blockchain & entertainment to improve the human condition.

Are you ready to join the hilarious Stanley revolution?Take part in this iconic event where the lines between physical and digital blur. Let's celebrate comedy, humor, and Leslie David Baker's incredible talent by joining Stanley.
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Frequently Asked questions

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How can I purchase a Stanley digital trading card?

All it takes is an email address and a credit card or a crypto based wallet to kickstart your collection! (See instructions to set up a crypto wallet in our minting dApp. )

Why do I need/want a crypto wallet?

A crypto wallet is essential for several reasons. It provides a secure platform for storing and transferring your cryptocurrency and digital collectibles. Similar to a safe for physical collectibles or a filing cabinet for important papers, a crypto wallet serves as a digital storage space for your valuable digital assets.

Creating a crypto wallet is a straightforward process, often requiring only an email address. If you already have a wallet, such as MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet, you can easily connect it at checkout and make payments with crypto for NFTs or digital collectibles.

What network is this project on?

We've chosen the Ethereum Smart Chain as the platform for the Stanley Digital Collectibles release. At this time, it is the most reputable digital blockchain in the world, with a massive user adoption. After the initial private sale, the collection will be available to the public for trading on Opensea and other NFT marketplaces dedicated to trading digital assets.

Can I choose what collectible I want to purchase?

The Stanley Digital Collectible Cards are randomly generated and delivered, so you won't know which card you receive until you check your wallet after purchase. There are hundreds of different cards featuring Stanley, each with its own rarity.

What is the Cost?:

For the general public, these incredible pieces are priced at just $149.00 each.

If you're a contributor to the growth of the community you have a great chance at being one of 250 whitelist spots, and can snag one for only $99.00 each in our pre-sale.